Friends Taking Big Steps

A few of my friends made some pretty big life decisions, so I celebrated with them. I also did quite a lot of driving around LA. Again.

Sunday, 9/11/2016

The day started off with me going to pick up my friend Jesse from her house as the two of us carpooled to a housewarming! My wonderful friends Shoshana and Allen moved in to an apartment in Westchester, and invited over a few friends and family to celebrate. Jesse and I caught up on the ride over, as she spent the summer studying in Thailand! #dreams…

After the lunch, I drove all the way to my parents’ house in the valley to check in on my sweet dog and watch a few TV shows with my dad. I then drove back to my WeHo apartment, where my friend Jessyca and I headed to grab a drink at “The Surly Goat.” Jessyca was about to embark on a three-month journey through Asia, beginning in Delhi. Once again, #dreams…

So excited for my friends and their new adventures! And I have a few adventures coming up, so stay tuned for those as well!

-Girl in Los Angeles 🙂

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