Washington Wanderings, Part 2

After the amazing full day we had in Seattle, I was excited to relax and hang out in gorgeous Tacoma!

Sunday, 9/4/2016

We started the day a bit later, all exhausted from wandering around Seattle the day before. Our first was “Point Defiance Park,” where I was particularly excited to see the rose and dahlia gardens!

Roses have always been my favorite flower, and this may be because my middle name is Rose, but that is beside the point. I was extremely pleased, however, to see all of the different varieties of dahlias! I once again got my phone at the ready and took way too many photos to count. Here are some of my favorites!


Next we headed to “Harbor Lights” for a lunch while looking over the Puget Sound! After lunch, we walked along Ruston Way, where we looked out upon the water on another gorgeously clear day!

After walking around for a few hours (and checking out some condos), we headed back to the house to relax for a while. We then ventured to dinner at “Cooks Tavern,” a fun homey restaurant, before heading to the delicious “Ice Cream Social” for dessert! I got one of their special flavors of the day, “Aztec Chocolate,” which was chocolate ice cream with cinnamon and cayenne! After eating our fill, we called it a night!

Monday, 9/4/2016

Zach and my parents had raved about the chain “Original Pancake House” forever, so I was anxious to finally be able to try it. Zach’s friends Jake and Ryan joined us before our flight back home. I must say, their pancakes were some of the best I’d had! We then drove to the airport, said bye to Zach (for me, until December, sadly), and boarded our flight back to LA.

Once I made it back to my apartment, I showered and got ready to meet a friend of mine from high school, Nate, whom I hadn’t seen since we met up in Israel nearly two years prior! We headed to one of my favorite burger places, “Plan Check” (click here for my rant on Plan Check). We ate yummy burgers (PCB, obviously) and caught up about life. Nate lives in San Francisco and doesn’t make it down to LA very often, so we had plenty to talk about. After finishing dinner, I went home and straight to sleep, extremely not ready for work the next day.

I had an amazing time in Washington and cannot wait to return! I will definitely heading back up for Zach’s graduation in May, but hopefully I’ll venture up there before that as well! Keep an eye on my “upcoming trips” to see where I’ll be heading next!

-Girl in Tacoma and Los Angeles 🙂

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