Washington Wanderings, Part 1

I arrived in Washington! Here’s my first day and a half in the PNW (Pacific Northwest). Be sure to take a look at my full photo gallery on Facebook!

Friday, 9/2/2016

I both love and hate Burbank airport. I love it because it’s easy to navigate due to its tiny size. I hate it because there is nothing to do, so I leave as little time as I can for me to be waiting around. Once on the plane, I put on my noise-cancelling headphones, turned on Zootopia, and settled in for the short flight.

I made a friend on my flight, whose name was Jennifer. We navigated ourselves to the pickup point of the airport. Unfortunately I didn’t get her last name, so perhaps I’ll one day run into her in LA! My parents picked me up and we drove from SEATAC airport to Tacoma, where we would be spending the weekend in an adorable VRBO rental. After putting our things down, we went and picked up Zach from his house and headed to dinner and a local favorite of his called, “Shake Shake Shake.” A classic diner, we were appeased by their no-frills burgers and tater tots. A yummy treat! We then stopped at the grocery store for some breakfast staples and headed off to sleep, ready to spend the day in Seattle!

Saturday, 9/3/2016

After a pleasant sleep, I was excited to go into the big city for the day! We ate a quick breakfast at home before making the drive into Seattle. My parents were raving about a restaurant called “Tilikum Place,” which is rated #11 out of over 7500 restaurants in Seattle! I was very eager to try it.

I ordered their special “Salmon Eggs Benedict,” which, to my surprise, came with cooked salmon and not lox (I’m a terrible Jew in that I despise lox…). Instead of a traditional English muffin, the eggs were placed on a savory bread pudding. It was absolutely delicious! We ate our brunch leisurely before walking over to our next activity: the Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum!

I had only ever Chihuly’s work in the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas (the iconic flowers on the ceiling), so I was beyond excited to see more of his work in person. Armed with my new iPhone 6S that takes gorgeous photos, I went to town on the museum and garden, taking dozens of photos. Here are a choice few!

Literally so obsessed with this place and will DEFINITELY return! We had a bit of downtime before our trip up the Space Needle, so we walked to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Visitor Center. It was a very unique exhibition hall, with many interactive components. And admission was free! If you have a spare 45 minutes, definitely worth checking out!

Finally, it was time to go to the top of the Space Needle, something no one in my family had done before. Zach met us right as we were about to pass security (he was attending his school’s football game and just joined us), and we were on our way!

Before entering the elevator to go to the top, they took some cruise-esque photos of us with a green screen. My mom chose the below background!


Although not the tallest building in Seattle, we got a great, panoramic view of the city! Lucky for us, too, it was a gorgeous, clear day! Here are some photos!

While overlooking all of Seattle, the boys got beers while the girls indulged in some “Space Needle” wine! Not great, but when at the Space Needle! Then, we were off for our dinner at “How to Cook a Wolf,” located in the Queen Anne neighborhood. With a casual vibe, this place immediately welcomes you inside. The menu was small plates Italian food, and every bite was absolutely amazing! My choice favorites were “Hamachi Crudo,” “Beet Salad,” “Polenta Fritters” (which were like dessert), “Potato Gnocchi,” and “Bucatini.” If you take a look at their full menu, you’ll see that these dishes, while they sound simple, are far more complex and each pack an explosion of flavor. One of my favorite meals I’ve ever had by far!

Cute dog statue I found in the Queen Anne neighborhood!

After stuffing our faces, we decided to walk the two miles back to our car near the Space Needle. Fortunately, our walk was mainly through the adorable Queen Anne neighborhood, which I’m sure was bustling earlier in the evening.

img_6564Overall, such an amazing day in Seattle! There is so much more of this city that I need to explore, so hopefully I’ll be back soon! Stay tuned for part 2 of my trip!

-Girl in Seattle 🙂

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