MuMo, Take 3

No performing from me this time, but a delightful MuMo evening! I’ll try to think of a more clever name for the next time I go!

Monday, 8/22/2016

For the third time, I attended “Rage” nightclub’s “Musical Monday,” and I’m starting to feel like a regular now. I know some of the usual crowd, have a great repartee with one of the managers, and also have a favorite drink I order, a “Washington Apple.” It’s just really nice to have something fun to look forward to on a Monday after work! This time, Maria joined once again, and Mel also came halfway through the evening! None of us (other than Danelle, the ACTUAL regular) performed this time, but it’s always fun to watch others. I wish I could properly convey how wonderful of a time it truly is! I guess you’ll all just have to come with me and experience it for yourselves!

-Girl in Los Angeles 🙂

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