Dinner at Hogwarts

When you have a season pass to Universal Studios, stopping in to have dinner at Hogwarts is totally a thing you can do. So we did it.

Sunday, 8/21/2016

I woke up a little worse for wear from the night before, but managed to throw on an acceptable outfit and makeup to meet my cousin Lauren and aunt Karen for breakfast at my Valley favorite, “Aroma Coffee and Tea.” Lauren was leaving the following Friday to start her freshman year of college in San Diego, so we met for delicious breakfast and so I could give her some older cousin-ly advice! We had an amazing time chatting and eating, and we bade our goodbyes! I definitely plan on visiting her sometime this year!
img_6461I then returned to my apartment for a much-needed nap. Maria came home a few hours later, and we decided to hop over to Universal Studios for an early dinner at the Three Broomsticks! I got to try their lemon roast chicken, which was delicious! We spent about two hours there in total before heading home.

img_6464We had bought a chocolate frog, and decided to melt it down to make chocolate fondue! The results were delicious. Afterwards, we quickly fell asleep, exhausted after a fun-filled weekend!

-Girl in Los Angeles 🙂

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