The bro stopped by one last time before summer ended, so we caught Pokemon.

Friday, 8/19/2016

When we were younger, Zach and I would situate ourselves in front of the TV every day after school and watch the awesomeness that was Pokemon: Indigo League, we would collect and trade our Pokemon cards, and we played Pokemon Red, Blue, Silver and Crystal on our GameBoy Colors (mine is purple and I still have it, be jealous). As I’m sure many of you are aware (and if you’re not you’re either living under a rock or my grandmother who doesn’t have a smartphone), Pokemon GO is a worldwide craze, of which I am a part of.  Needless to say, we loved Pokemon then, and both of us love it now. When we talk on the phone, the majority of out conversations consist of our latest Poke-hauls.

My favorite guys ❤

So when Zach came to visit for the weekend, and I knew I could only spend one night with him, we set out for a two-hour-long “Pokewalk” around our neighborhood, which proved to be much more successful for Zach than for me. But we definitely got in some good brother-sister bonding time. Evening well spent!

-Girl in Los Angeles 🙂

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