Lemonade and LA Vibes

It was National Lemonade Day and Chelsea’s birthday, so I indulged…maybe a bit too much.

Saturday, 8/20/2016

I know I’ve shared this many times before, but I love “Lemonade.” I love their refreshing lemonade flavors, fresh salads, and most of all, their mac and cheese. I follow their Instagram page for any special deals, and lo and behold, their National Lemonade Day deal was great: free 12oz glasses of one-day-only lemonade flavors with a purchase! Maria had yet to taste the deliciousness of Lemonade, so we set out to their Beverly Hills location. We grabbed some salads, a sandwich and, of course, the mac, along with two of their one-day-only flavors, “Ginger Green Tea” and “Cucumber Jalapeno Mint.” We got back into my car, looked at each other and both thought the exact same thing–we needed to try more flavors!

img_6457So off we went to the Larchmont Lemonade location, where we then received two additional flavors, “Orange Creamsicle” and “Pineapple Coconut Curry.” See our rainbow of flavors to the left! We brought our haul back to our apartment and ate our lunch, saving the lemonades as mixers for later in the evening.

After eating our fill, we both got ready for Chelsea’s birthday party! She asked that we all meet her at the rooftop of the “Ace Hotel” in Downtown LA. Beforehand, we met up at Melanie’s apartment and used our unique lemonade flavors to create yummy mixed drinks! We hopped in an uber and headed to Downtown LA, a place I rarely venture to as there is always traffic getting there. Just trust me.

The rooftop was so great! Amazing views of downtown (particularly of Staples Center, home of my LA Lakers), and there was a really cool vibe. One thing I would note is that is was WAY too dark. I could barely see the people sitting just a few inches in front of me. Nonetheless, a very cool spot, and very fun to see both old and new friends! Although I may have had just a bit too much of the lemonade cocktails…

-Girl in Los Angeles 🙂

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