Beach Bums

My amazing friend Mel decided to have her birthday party be a casual day at the beach.

Sunday, 8/14/2016

After Daniel’s visit, I needed to recoup and regather my strength. While it was amazingly fun to have him visit, I was EXHAUSTED and made myself physically sick from lack of sleep/too much alcohol. I took a few days to myself and slept many hours, which worked completely. By the time Mel’s beach birthday rolled around, I was energized and excited to go!

I made the trek to Santa Monica Beach from West Hollywood, no easy feat, and arrived exactly at noon, lathered in sunscreen and my floppy hat. I did not take into account the fact that sand is extremely difficult to walk on WITHOUT a knee injury, and struggled hard to find where my friends had set up “camp.” Once I was there, however, it was wonderful! It was not too hot of a day, and we just sat outside for hours talking and eating.

When 3pm hit, I headed out, absolutely certain I’d done everything in my power to NOT get a sunburn. I was wrong. Apparently I should just avoid extended contact with the sun.

It was then time to head to dinner with my uncle, aunt and three cousins, who were in town from San Francisco. I was meeting them, my parents and my grandparents in Beverly Hills. While we were supposed to have dinner at one restaurant, they gave up our table so we headed down the street to “Coral Tree Cafe,” a yummy sandwich and salad place. I gawked at how tall my 13-year-old cousin had gotten in the past few months since I’d seen him, and it was nice to spend some quality family time. After some froyo, we all headed home. I rubbed some aloe on my burns and drifted off to sleep.

-Girl in Los Angeles 🙂

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