Hot n Juicy Crawfish

Maria and I have the pleasure of living walking distance from a bunch of really great restaurants. Last Friday night, we got to try a new one!

Friday, 8/12/2016

I’d had one prior experience with a place like “Hot n Juicy Crawfish,” and it was not very pleasant. Way too much butter made it greasy and gave me an upset stomach. Who knew butter could be a bad thing? But this time was different. Maria and I walked about three-quarters of a mile to the restaurant and pondered the menu for a bit. We finally decided on the “Get Your Feet Wet” combo, which included shrimp, crawfish, sausages, corn and potatoes, with “Hot N Juicy” seasoning and mild spice.

The sexy bibs we wore
The food came in a mountainous plastic bag. We placed our bibs on and dove right in. Everything was delicious, most surprisingly the corn, which we ordered a second helping of. We gobbled up around two-thirds of the bag before accepting defeat.

We then stumbled home (literally stumbled, because for some reason, each of us got drunk from just two drinks with a ton of food in our stomachs) and turned on Netflix. The perfect kind of date night. There are many more restaurants that look delicious in our neighborhood, and I’m sure we will check them out within our West Hollywood residency!

-Girl in Los Angeles 🙂

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