Defying Gravity

I had the chance to play what is arguably my dream role…if, you know, I could actually sing at a Broadway level.

Monday, 8/8/2016

Remember how I told you all about the awesomeness that is Musical Monday? Well, after having such an amazing time two weeks prior, it was time for me to head back! This time, along with Danelle, a regular to MuMo, Daniel and Maria joined, and so did my friend Lauren from college, who just returned to California after working at Disney World for six months! Between the five of us, we were sure to have a great experience.

Lauren and me!
Daniel, Maria and I headed to the bar and I recognized the bartender from the last time I attended. His name was Brandon, and he and I had a really hilarious banter going on throughout the night. You know you’re in for a good night when the bartender tells you, “I’m just going to make you guys whatever I feel like,” and that included a lot of whiskey. We ordered some food to go along with our mystery drinks and got sufficiently tipsy before the evening truly began.

We both loved this lighting
The stage opened and we took our seats. Per usual, Danelle participated in quite a few of the group numbers, which was a joy to watch. I was once again prepared to go up on stage and sing one of my favorite Broadway songs, mentally preparing myself for the mind-numbing experience of performing in front of others. Finally, out of nowhere, the opening bars to Wicked‘s “Defying Gravity” came on and Danelle pushed me onto the stage. Fortunately, the song was so loud that no one could hear me croak out the lyrics with my half-gone voice. I began to sing when someone came and placed a witch’s hat on my head. Then someone handed me a stick, which was quickly replaced with a wet mop. THEN they brought out a stool, which I knelt on apprehensively (knee injury and all). But it all worked out in the end and people waved sheets to make it look like I was flying. To be as humble as I possibly can be, I totally rocked it–see below.


I will DEFINITELY be coming back. These are my people. This is the role I was born to play. Obviously.

-Girl in Los Angeles 🙂

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