Squad Goals

I had the pleasure to attend a special Suicide Squad event at Six Flags Magic Mountain and here’s how it went!

Thursday, 8/4/2016

In high school, I remember a single day where my friend Brendan and I literally rode every single roller coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain and lived to tell the tale. As I have gotten only slightly older, my stomach has not held out as well as it used to, as I sometimes get a bit queasy on “California Screamin'” at Disney. I hadn’t visited Magic Mountain since I was a teenager, and maybe my reason for not going back was because I was a bit scared. But my mom was able to get me and two friends free entrance to a special event hosted by KIIS-FM at the park, so I grabbed Jessyca and Maria and we were off!

Superman and Batman ready for Viper!
We arrived after work at 7:15pm, checked in at the booth (where my driver’s license was made fun of…), and headed into the park. Our first stop was supposed to be “Ninja,” but Jessyca and I headed onto “Viper” first (Maria isn’t the biggest roller coaster fan, but wanted to check out the park). I hadn’t been on a real roller coaster in years, as I mentioned before, and was not prepared for the intensity of Viper. AT. ALL.Don’t get me wrong, it was a ton of fun, but I think I jumped into “hard mode” when I should’ve started with “easy.”

We then set out for our actual target, Ninja, which doesn’t have any loops and is would be what I called “easy mode,” so I thought Maria would like it. We waited in line for a half hour, playing Pokemon Go, but it was well worth the wait! All three of us thoroughly enjoyed it.

By the time we got off, it was time to head to the event. We walked around the park trying to figure out where it was, and finally found it tucked all the way in the corner of the park (I had forgotten how large this place actually was). We showed off our super special wristbands and headed inside. It was awesome! All decked out in Suicide Squad colors, there was free food, games, and cosplayers as the movie’s soundtrack played throughout. Here are a few choice snapshots!

We played all the games, ate all the food, and just had a great time. When the clock struck 10pm, the fun got more intense. The park was completely cleared out except for the 200 or so people at this event. All “DC Comics” rides were open, and there was no wait for anything. Incredible. We first stopped to take pictures at this great photobooth!

img_6382We first went on the “Wonder Woman” lasso ride, which just spins you around like you’re in a centrifuge. It was intense. Then Jessyca and I rode “Green Lantern,” and I kid you not the scream that escaped my lips sounded like I was being murdered. Next was “Batman,” where two girls asked Jessyca and I if we would accompany them since they were scared to go alone. Last was “The Flash,” which finally got to my stomach and I was glad it was the end of the evening.

We then walked through the empty park back to my car and went home. Such a fun night, and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to go! Here’s to many more adventures!

-Girl in Los Angeles 🙂

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