National Watermelon Day

I saw that it was National Watermelon Day and also the 15-year anniversary of The Princess Diaries, so obviously I celebrated both.

Wednesday, 8/3/2016

Danelle sent me a Snapchat of her having “Porto’s” delivered to her office. When I requested she save me a guava cheese pastry, our plans were set to hang out with one another! Throughout the day, more and more occasions begged us to hang out with each other. It was National Watermelon Day, and one of our favorite places “Lemonade” had a watermelon-rosemary lemonade on special. It had been 15 years since The Princess Diaries came into theaters, one of our favorites to watch together. So as the plans made themselves, I became more and more excited to see her!

We picked up food from Lemonade (their mac and cheese is a must) and headed to her apartment to watch the movie! It was nice to hang out just the two of us in a non-crazy environment. We laughed, laughed some more, and ate way more than we should have, including a guava cheese pastry for dessert. As you all should know by now, you will be seeing a lot more of Danelle on this blog in the future!

-Girl in Los Angeles 🙂

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