The Beginning of Birthday Season

Technically, yesterday’s post was the beginning of birthday season, but August will always be the busiest birthday month for me. With eight important people in my life celebrating birthdays, I literally celebrate all month long. Here’s the first (well, second) one!

Sunday, 7/31/2016

My dad gets up really early in the morning by habit, so when I suggested we see Star Trek Beyond, he asked for the earliest time we could see it. Luckily it was 11:15, which worked out perfectly for both of our schedules. The two of us used to watch old episodes of the original television show from the 60’s, so we always make sure to add Star Trek to our list of nerdy movies that we see together. We headed to the Arclight and settled in for the movie. For those who have yet to see it, I highly recommend it! In my opinion, the best out of the three.

We grabbed lunch from a salad place, and then headed home to hang out a bit. My mom and I ran some errands before we went to my Aunt Debra’s house to celebrate the birthday of my Aunt Karen (8/1) and Uncle Bill (8/5)! It was a warm evening, so I stayed indoors for the duration of the party. We ordered from “Stonefire Grill” and then had a “SusieCakes” marble cake AND a “Krispy Kreme” donut tower! I kind of felt sick to my stomach, but it was all totally worth it. Planning some fun days with my cousins soon, so stay tuned!

-Girl in Los Angeles 🙂

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