Roomies Love Burgers

DineLA had their special “Restaurant Week” menus, so Maria and I tried it at one of my favorite places.

Wednesday, 7/27/2016

A couple months back, I tried what I call one of the best burgers ever. It was from “Plan Check,” their “PCB” to be exact. What looks to be an odd combo on the menu, including ingredients like “dashi cheese” and “ketchup leather,” this burger gives you everything you could possibly want: juiciness, intense flavor, that umami punch. I told so many people about the amazingness of this burger, and when I saw that DineLA had a special menu at Plan Check, I wrangled Maria into coming along (by that I mean I told her about it and she was very excited to join me).

We arrived a few minutes before their happy hour ended and were able to sneak in a drink each at the last second. It was a tequila drink infused with jalapeno and blood orange. Spicy cocktails are not usually my thing, but I thoroughly enjoyed this one! We then placed our orders from the special menu: calamari and what I would deem “animal style” fries for appetizers, truffle fried chicken and the PCB for main course (obviously), and donut holes for dessert (Maria got another drink instead). Everything was absolutely delicious! But we were so disgustingly full by the end of it that we practically rolled into the Lyft.

Once back home, we ended up watching Gossip Girl, which I gave up on about three years before it actually ended, but Maria and I are now going to finish all the way through together. Overall, a fun and very yummy night!

-Girl in Los Angeles 🙂

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