Family Fun

My brother and his girlfriend came to LA for the day, so obviously I hung out with them!

Saturday, 7/23/2016

I started out my day relatively early for a Saturday, as I headed to my Taekwondo studio to help judge tests. I’m still a couple months off from returning to classes, thanks to the knee, but I’m excited to return soon! After the test, I headed to my parents’ house to await Zach and Jayne’s arrival! They had gone to Palm Springs for a friend’s birthday, but would be spending Saturday in LA, and I couldn’t have been happier!

The crazy sky from my parents’ house
They arrived and hugs were exchanged all around! We then walked up the street to grab some lunch, scoring some new Pokemon along the way (yes of course I have joined in the “Pokemon Go” craze). I then headed back to my apartment for a little R&R and to clean, as Zach and Jayne were stopping by! Zach had of course already seen my apartment a few weeks earlier before my mom’s birthday dinner, but Jayne had yet to see it, so I had to do a little sprucing up.

I think we look like sisters πŸ™‚
After a brief tour, the three of us hit the road to go to dinner at “Maradentro,” my new favorite (sorry, Mercado, but you don’t have lobster bacon guacamole!). I ordered their special margarita, which was absolutely delightful, and we indulged in the lobster bacon guacamole mentioned above. It was a lot, but in the best way possible.

Jayne and I both ordered the “surf and turf tacos,” which consisted of a filet mignon taco with tomatoes and onions, as well as a lobster taco that came in a puffy shell and was held in place by cheesy mashed potatoes. The lobster taco won, but only just. We sat and let our food settle a bit as we talked to one another. They’re kind of my favorite people, not gonna lie.

The three amigos…?
We then tried to get ice cream, but the line was, no joke, going to take an hour so we passed. I headed home, but not before giving Jayne a huge hug goodbye, as this will be the last time I see her in person before she goes to study abroad… The brother I’ll see in a few weeks! Till next time, folks!

-Girl in Los Angeles πŸ™‚

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