Smorgasburg LA

Basically this whole post is about eating delicious food in Los Angeles. So if that’s not something you’re into then we have nothing in common.

Sunday, 7/17/2016

Mel reached out to see if anyone was interested in checking out “Smorgasburg,” an outdoor food fair that occurs every Sunday in Downtown LA. I would have to be a fool to say no to this one. So Mel, Maria, Devon and I headed off with our stomachs empty and excited for delicious noms. We wandered around the vendors before each of us waited in line for our pick. I chose “Summer Crab Co.,” which was serving tempura-fried soft shell crab sandwiches with a side of casava chips. It was absolutely delicious.

I was slightly too short for this photo, so I am straining on my tippy-toes to get my head in this damn hole. Don’t know if you can tell.
img_6308After a hefty lunch, we checked out a few of the non-food vendors who were hanging about. I ended up buying a great lip balm at one of them. Then it was time for dessert. It was National Ice Cream Day, so in addition to the regular food stands, there was a section of just ice cream places! We was going to wait in line for a famous one, but it ended up being too long and hot, so I instead opted for a frozen pudding, which was yummy and refreshing. After finishing our treats, we headed back to WeHo.

I relaxed for a bit, and then headed over to my friend Brendan’s house to celebrate his birthday. We went to “Maradentro,” the sister restaurant of one of my favorite places, “Mercado.” We ordered way too much food for just two people, but it was all fantastic! I highly recommend the “Maradentro Margarita,” pictured below, and the carne asada! It was nice to catch up with him again, and I am always down to celebrate a good birthday.

After dinner, we met up with a couple friends and headed to a few bars. As it was a work night (I was very tempted to write “school night” right there, just saying), I knew I couldn’t stay too late, so I bade my goodbyes and headed home. Overall, a very fun day and night with great friends!

-Girl in Los Angeles 🙂

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