Nerdy Shopping and Fangirl Moments

Maria and I made the horrible (read:amazing) mistake of attending a nerdy craft fair, and we paid the literal price. I also attended my first Street Food Cinema, so this was a fun day!

Saturday, 7/16/2016

A couple weeks earlier, I saw an event on Facebook for a geeky craft fair at a store called “Whimsic Alley.” Whimsic Alley is every nerd’s dream, with geeky paraphernalia from every fandom you could think of. It was my first time at the store, but I’m sure it will not be my last (much to my wallet’s dismay). The craft fair hosted local Etsy shops, all of whom sold geeky items, with everything from clothing and accessories to paintings and trinkets. Maria and I walked away with candles scented like “General Organa” and “Hulk Smash,” various nerdy fridge magnets, a “Nightmare Before Christmas” oven mitt, and an “Avengers” pot holder. I also bought myself a tank top that says “I Solemnly Sweat That I’m up to No Good” (which will make its appearance on my next Harry Potter World trip, I have no doubt).

New life motto.
We then popped next door to “Milk Jar Cookies,” one of the best bakeries in LA, to grab some cookies for our evening activity (read below). If you’ve never been, I highly suggest you go and try their Chocolate Caramel Pecan cookie–to die for! After a quick lunch at Chipotle, we headed back to our apartment.

img_6311And who should be at my apartment shortly after my return? My amazing little sister Hallie! I hadn’t seen Hallie since March, and she had only just flown home that morning. We watched Gilmore Girls as we caught up about life and took a series of selfies on Snapchat.

Hallie, exhausted from jetlag, headed back home, but my day was not yet over. I had purchased tickets to “Street Food Cinema,” a series of movies held in outdoor venues across LA with delicious food trucks. Maria, KP and I were very excited to see one of my all-time favorite movies, 10 Things I Hate About You. The movie was at a park just a half-mile from our apartment, so we grabbed some towels and hard ciders and set out!

We meandered among the food trucks until we settled on a sausage truck. As we were waiting in line, my little fangirl heart skipped a beat as I spotted none other than Drew Seeley! For those of you unfamiliar with Drew, he is Zac Efron’s singing voice in the first High School Musical movie, and now lends his beautiful pipes to the traveling cast of Jersey Boys. I had met Drew once before at an event in 2009, but still went up and introduced myself as a big fan. He was so sweet and we chatted for a bit. Oh, living in LA and spotting pseudo-celebrities…

We got our food and then settled in to watch the movie. As always, a classic and I’m sure I will watch it many more times in my life. Once it was over, we headed back to our apartment for a good night’s rest! I will definitely try to attend another Street Food Cinema this summer!

-Girl in Los Angeles 🙂

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