To Infinity and Beyond

When big sister comes to visit, you do not take it easy. Or so was the motto of the weekend in which my awesome friend Rachel came to visit. What was in store for day two? What else but Disneyland!

Saturday, 7/9/2016

Rachel and I have been to Disneyland a few times before, and she is definitely one of my favorite Disney companions! I was excited to finally spend a day at the park with her for the first time in over two years. Also joining us was my awesome roommate, Maria! We set out for Disneyland, had a minor near-death experience, but arrived unscathed and ready for a day of fun and magic! Danelle met us at the entrance and wee were off!


I chose to don my new “To Infinity and Beyond” t-shirt that I ordered online (in a size too big, whoops), and wore my R2-D2 Minnie Mouse ears. Along with my starfish earrings, I was clearly going for a Tomorrowland-themed outfit (or so I decided once I got there). I’ll clearly have to buy myself some Buzz Lightyear ears… Rachel went as Stitch, Maria went as Peter Pan, and Danelle was Aurora. I think we are clearly winning in the above photo!


Do you think I need this jacket? Because I think I might need this jacket.
Promptly after taking this photo, Danelle hopped over to California Adventure, and we set out to enjoy the park! First stop was fast passes for “Hyperspace Mountain,” followed by “Astro Blasters,” because duh, I’m wearing a Buzz Lightyear shirt.

Now, a lot of things happened during the day, and a lot of photos were taken, and I’d rather just post photos with cute captions than go into immense details, so here’s an array of how our amazing (and surprisingly not-crowded) Disney day went!


Rachel and I tried out first “Dole Whip Floats!” Absolutely delicious and refreshing!

We rode “The Haunted Mansion” and took these great pics outside of the ride.

We rode “Winnie the Pooh” and I got my first “Tigger Tail,” marshmallows covered in caramel and sprinkles. I immediately needed salt, this was way too sweet! I think just two bites of this would suffice.


We rode “Splash Mountain” and I took a great Snapchat video of us going down the big drop!

We took some photos at iconic photo stops!


I got a new pair of “4th of July” Minnie Mouse ears, bringing my total up to 10! But come on, how could I NOT get this pair??

We rode “Hyperspace Mountain” and walked away with this absolute GEM of a photo. Bless the people in front of us. Bless the entirety of this picture.


We rode “California Screamin'” and I once again took a great video, this one of us as the ride accelerated.


We ate a late lunch at “Cove Bar,” now a must on all future Disney trips for me! Rachel and I ordered their “Raspberry Ginger Mojito,” but Maria opted for one of their secret drinks, “The Fun Wheel.” If you go to Cove Bar, you MUST get the lobster nachos! Absolutely amazing!


Yet another iconic photo was taken. I love these ladies πŸ™‚


Rachel and I rode “Tower of Terror,” and decided that this was the pose to go with.

We rode “Thunder Mountain” and completely underestimated the amount you move around during the ride. See Rachel’s face in the back of the video.

I’m sure I left out an assortment of things, but these were just a few of the great pictures we took while we were at Disneyland! We ended the day watching the fireworks from the parking lot and on our drive to the freeway. Now, you’d think that would be enough for a weekend, right? Well, you’d be wrong. Stay tuned for my next adventure with Rachel!

-Girl in Los Angeles πŸ™‚


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