Highland Park Bowl

My amazing friend/sorority big sis/old roommate Rachel came to visit me for the weekend, and we had an epic time. Here’s day one of my time with Rachel!

Friday, 7/8/2016

Rachel had driven in from San Luis Obispo the night before, and we ate sushi at a nearby restaurant. The next day, she went with a friend of hers to Disneyland for the day while I had to go to work. When she returned, she, Mel, Maria, Chelsea and I headed to Highland Park to check out “Highland Park Bowl,” a vintage bowling alley.

We placed our names on the two-hour-long waiting list for a lane, and ventured around the neighborhood for somewhere to grab a drink. We discovered “The Greyhound Bar & Grill” just a shorts way down the street, and ordered some drinks.

Of course we matched.
After finishing up, we headed back to the bowling alley to see if any progress had been made on the waiting list. No such luck, so we grabbed some drinks and sat at one of the tables. But as the evening pressed on, and our wait time seemed to get even longer by the minute, we all decided that we would save a real bowling night for a later date. Besides, Rachel and I had a big weekend ahead of us, and definitely needed a good night’s sleep!

A very cool spot that I hope to one day hit up again, as I love bowling! Stay tuned for my adventures with Rachel!

-Girl in Los Angeles 🙂

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