Beers and BBQ, a WeHo Tale

Maria and I spent some more time exploring around our new neighborhood, and we discovered some fun things!

Friday, 6/17/2016

When I got home from work, it was prime “happy hour” time, so Maria and I decided to venture out. We tried to go to one bar before realizing we were a bit under-dressed, and instead hopped across the street to “Baby Blues BBQ.” They were in the middle of their happy hour, and we ordered a nice array of snacks: hushpuppies, crabcake sliders, and chicken tenders, along with some beer (well, I got a well drink, because as you know, I don’t drink beer), all for under $15 per person. The food was all very delicious, and Maria and I are both very eager to return, perhaps with a large group of people next time.

We then walked down the street to “The Surly Goat,” which I had been to once before and enjoyed. This time was a bit different. Instead of a packed club-like scene, like my previous experience, the bar was practically empty except for a few patrons on bar stools and on the outdoor patio. Maria and I chose two of the remaining seats at the bar and ordered beer (well, a cider for me). We chatted for a bit as we watched Talladega Nights on their TV. I hadn’t seen it before, but I definitely plan on watching it in its entirety soon! We paid our tabs and walked back to our apartment, where we proceeded to watch a few episodes of the new season of Orange in the New Black before heading off to bed.

Once again, a fun night in my new neighborhood! Looking forward to exploring around much more!

-Girl in Los Angeles 🙂

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