Grads Galore

As I’m sure you’re aware by now, I spend a lot of time with my awesome family. This blog post is about one of those times!

Friday, 6/10/2016

Big family milestones require parties, right? Well, all three of my LA cousins graduated ON THE SAME DAY. Insanity, right? So hence the party and this subsequent blog post! I picked up my mom from my house (my old house? It’s still kind of mine, right?) and we headed over to my aunt’s house. There were over 20 people there to celebrate my cousins Lauren, Ethan and Andrew graduating from high school, middle school and elementary school, respectively.

I always get asked by various friends why I enjoy spending time with these kids. Despite our age gaps, we all get along extremely well, and honestly, they’re all genuinely good people whom I love and consistently have fun with. So I once again congratulate my awesome cousins on their big milestones! I’ve planned some fun summer days with them coming up, so stay tuned for those posts!

-Girl in Los Angeles 🙂

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