Via Alloro

Yet another birthday celebration! Just one more after this, I promise. Then we will be back to our usually scheduled blogging.

Thursday, 5/26/2016

My grandparents asked if they could take me to dinner for my birthday, and they chose “Via Alloro” in Beverly Hills. Home to authentic Italian food, this restaurant was quite a treat, despite my being at least 30 years younger than the rest of the patrons. But I saw on the menu that they had homemade burrata ravioli, and being that burrata is my favorite cheese, I knew exactly what I’d be ordering. The food was very good, and it was nice to have some time with my grandparents once again.

A homemade blackberry tart was served for dessert, with “Happy Birthday” written in chocolate. Overall, a relaxed and fun evening!

-Girl in Los Angeles 🙂

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