Another small birthday celebration at my favorite bakery/main reason to drive to Burbank (other than the airport).

Saturday, 5/21/2016

I planned to have a very lazy Saturday following my trip to Hogwarts, and that is definitely what I got! The only thing on my agenda was a birthday lunch with my old babysitter/second mom Juanita! She let me choose the restaurant, so I picked “Porto’s” in Burbank. A Cuban bakery first started in Glendale, this place has seriously grown in popularity, drawing crowds at all hours of the day. The line was wrapped around the building when I arrived, and even zig-zagged once inside! But believe me, it was totally worth it.

I ordered a “Pan con Bistec,” their Cuban steak sandwich served with freshly fried plantain chips. I had never gotten it before, but wasn’t disappointed! The steak was juicy and was served with pickled onions, which I surprisingly enjoyed. We also ordered two of their most well-known favorites: the potato balls and the guava cheese pastries! If you got to Porto’s, those two are a MUST! Everything was eaten very quickly, due to deliciousness, but we sat and savored each other’s company and conversation for a while. Juanita is the most kindhearted woman I’ve ever met, and it truly is a pleasure to spend even just a few short hours with her.

I then lounged the rest of the afternoon, a perfect way to spend my Saturday! Do yourself a favor and check out Porto’s either in Burbank, Glendale or Downey!

-Girl in Los Angeles

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