Dance Yourself Clean

Saturday night was ladies’ night, and we danced it out at a club in Silver Lake.

Saturday, 5/14/2016

I had a very busy Saturday, with exciting news I will soon share, so after spending my entire morning and afternoon out and about, I headed home to get ready for an evening out on the town. My friend Mel suggested we check out an event called “Dance Yourself Clean” at The Satellite in Silver Lake. As the website describes, “The idea behind DYC is to give music fans a place to dance and have fun that isn’t a typical bottle service club or underground warehouse rave. The music is unpretentious yet not the monotonous top 40 hits played in most clubs on the west side.” I thought this definitely sounded like my kind of thing, and arrivals before 10pm got in free, so Mel, Maria, Devon, Mel’s coworker Emily, and I hopped in a Lyft for Silver Lake!

Maria, Mel and me!

We arrived, no joke, at 9:59pm. Our Lyft driver was clearly no LA native, as he drove us through the dreaded Hollywood and Highland intersection on a Saturday night at 9:30. But we made it just in the nick of time and headed inside. It hadn’t quite picked up yet, so we got drinks and talked before it got too loud. Well drinks were only $7, a nice surprise for a Los Angeles club (I was expecting around $13-15).

After chatting for a bit, we hit the dance floor! It was a fun space, with a stage on either side, and a Saturn-shaped disco ball. Balloons were thrown around and everyone was having a great time! The one thing I would knock them for was the unceasing smoke machine, filling the room and my lungs with fake incense. After a little while, Maria and I spotted the photo booth and decided to take some pictures.

I put in a $5 bill and….nothing happened. We took some selfies in the booth on my phone (above) before I went and told the bartender, who told me to email his manager, who then told me to email the company. It finally ended up working, so Maria and I got a cute digital gifset (below).

Love my future roomie!
Emily and I waiting for our food

We then headed back to the way-more-crowded dance floor and attempted to find a space to dance. We kind of just shifted around in a small space, but it was a ton of fun. After a little while, we headed outside with the intention of leaving, but spotted a Mexican food truck, and all of us were suddenly hungry. I ordered a plate of nachos, my go-to late night munchie food.We talked with some interesting individuals as we ate, and headed out around 1:30 (waaaaay past my bedtime). I ended up getting home around 2:15 and passed out (and then did not wake up the following day until 10:45am).

Definitely a night for the books! Stay tuned for some birthday festivities this week!

Birthday countdown: 2 days until I’m 24!

-Girl in Los Angeles 🙂

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