He’s Got a Way with Words

I had the amazing opportunity to attend Blake Shelton’s album release concert! Obviously I wrote a blog post about it.

Monday, 5/9/2016

Rarely do I go out on Monday nights. Mondays just typically exhaust me and I get home and morph into the couch or my bed. But when my mom told me she had two extra tickets to attend Blake Shelton’s album release concert at the iHeartRadio Honda Stage in Burbank, I had to say yes. Not only do I love The Voice, but I love Blake’s music and love him as a person (but really, what’s not to love?). I invited my coworker Marla to join, as she is also a big fan of The Voice and Blake in general. So I headed home after work, changed, and set off with my mom and her coworker for the show!

img_8125We arrived in Burbank at around 7:00pm. The show wasn’t starting until 9:00, and the doors weren’t even opening until 8:15, so we definitely had some time. Marla met us at “Simmzy’s” on Olive St., a fun pub just across the street from the theater. Marla got a Moscow Mule, and I ordered their La Rosa, a tart tequila drink. Very delicious. We ordered a few food items to all share, and then my mom went and picked up mine and Marla’s badges for the show. I felt very important (even though everyone got a badge). It’s now pinned at my desk at work.

img_8129After dinner, Marla and I hopped across the street to go stand in line. Our tickets were in the standing area, where the majority of concertgoers would be. There was a red carpet on the way down the line, so we obviously stopped for a photo op! They didn’t let anyone in until almost 8:45, so we chatted in line as we waited.

Once we were finally inside, there was a professional photobooth, and once again pictures ensued. See the cute gif (moving picture) below. I think we’re adorable.


Yay Blake Shelton!

Finally, a little after 9:00pm, Bobby Bones, a country music radio personality, said that Blake was about to come on stage! We were standing towards the back, although the venue was so small that it didn’t even matter. I was easily able to see Blake the entire show! He started off with “Honey Bee,” one of his most easily recognizable songs. As this was the album release party for his concert, he also sang a few of his new songs. My favorite was “She’s Got a Way with Words,” hence the nod in my blog post title, which was about his ex-wife Miranda Lambert. Get ready to listen to this song when it comes out, it is fantastic.

Oh hey, Gwen!

He went through quite a few songs, before saying he was bringing out a special guest: GWEN STEFANI! The two of them were so adorable and only looked at each other the entire length of the song. After 11 songs, a lot of cheering, and a lot of listening to this man’s beautiful voice (seriously, I could listen to him all day), Blake ended the concert and we headed home. Although it was only a little over an hour, it was such a fun event!


So glad that I was able to have this fun experience! I love me some country music–I have ever since college–and Blake is definitely one of my favorites. It was also really nice to go with my coworker Marla, as I’m loving becoming better friends with my coworkers!

For those that have read all the way until the end, I’ve shared a 20-second clip of my favorite Blake Shelton song, “Boys ‘Round Here!” Enjoy!

Birthday countdown: seven days until I’m 24!

-Girl in Los Angeles 🙂

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