The Day I Spent Sitting Down

Okay, granted I spend most of my days sitting, but this was a little ridiculous. I’ll explain below.

Saturday, 5/7/16

Big piece of news: I’m trying to move out of my parents’ house! What that requires, however, is diligent searching on multiple apartment-renting websites and sending countless, usually unanswered, emails to companies asking for appointments. So Maria and I decided that we would wander around LA taking down phone numbers and email addresses of buildings that had apartments for rent. It was fun to see the areas we wanted to live in, to see pretty houses we definitely couldn’t afford, and to catch up in the car. It was just a lot of, you guessed it, sitting in the car.  Fortunately, as we were driving around, we randomly happened upon “Shake Shack” on Santa Monica Blvd. We both looked at each other, looked at the time (10:45am), and decided we were going to do it.

We pulled into their parking lot and got into the already-existing line (because apparently a lot of people want a burger at 11 in the morning). Now, I am a California girl through and through. I love myself a delicious In’N’Out burger, and I will stay loyal towards them until the end, but I had had Shake Shack once before in London, when I was craving some American food. It was good, but I didn’t taste the magic that everyone spoke about (probably because it took almost an hour to get my food AND I had to wait in the freezing cold all by myself). This time, however, it was a beautiful day, the sun was shining, we were some of the first people in line, and I was with the lovely Maria.

Shake Shack!

We each ordered their classic Shackburger and shared a side of cheese fries. No shakes, as it was 11am and my body cannot handle that amount of sugar and dairy that early in the morning. The food arrived about 10 minutes after we ordered. I snapped a pic before we dove in. The burger was good, and the bun nice and fluffy (unlike In’N’Out’s toasted bun). What really set them over the edge were the cheese fries. If I could bottle the cheese sauce and just use it for queso all the time, I would be a happy woman. Overall, I definitely still prefer In’N’Out’s burgers, but I really loved Shake Shack’s fries. Next time, I’ll for sure get a shake.

We drove around the West Hollywood and Beverly Hills areas for a good three hours before heading back home. I probably had an hour to relax before I headed to get my hair done. For the first time ever, I would be coloring my hair! I chose to go with a subtle balayage (like an ombre, but more natural) and a long bob. After over three hours (all still sitting down, mind you), my new look was complete, and I could NOT be happier!

Yay new hair 🙂

The pizza Melissa made! Homemade dough, homemade spinach pesto, tomatoes, onions, and burrata cheese (my fave)

Melissa then invited me over to her house, as she made an entire pizza and wanted company. How could I say no? We ate almost the entire thing and just caught up about life, before I looked at my phone and saw that it was 10:30. I’d been mentally exhausted from the day and headed home.

So yes, I pretty much sat the entire day. Hoping to have some more (good) news about my apartment search soon!

Birthday countdown: nine days until I’m 24!

-Girl in Los Angeles 🙂

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