Oo-Kook Korean BBQ

I feasted on even more delicious Korean BBQ with my taekwondo girls! I guess it’s officially a tradition. And I’m totally okay with it.

Tuesday, 5/3/2016

My friend Sarah returned home for a break from medical school, and wanted to round up the TKD gang for some Korean barbecue. How could I possibly say no? After our delicious feast in January, I was looking forward to some quality time and enjoying quality food with them. After debating restaurants, we finally decided on “Oo-Kook Korean BBQ” in Koreatown. I arrived a bit early, so ate some of the yummy salads as I waited for Sarah and Jazmin to arrive (sadly, Joanne was busy this time).

Sarah was second to arrive, and we ordered some of the thin slices of beef (I can’t remember the name of the cut–sorry!) as an appetizer of sorts. It was $28.99 for all you can eat, including the higher cuts of meat that aren’t usually available at AYCE restaurants.We caught up on life until Jazmin arrived. Now it was time for the good stuff!  My favorites by far were the bulgogi (marinated skirt steak) and the kalbi (Korean short rib, which is usually only available at an extra cost). I could’ve easily just ordered those two cuts and have been happy. But even more awesome than the food was definitely the company, as I hadn’t seen these girls since our last dinner four months prior. It was so nice to catch up and pick up like nothing had changed. We left at around 9:30, completely stuffed, smelling of grease, and totally satisfied.

Another fun foodie-venture in LA! Definitely check this place out for a good KBBQ dinner (or any of the other Korean BBQ places I’ve been to! Here’s a link to those posts). I will definitely be trying out more fun restaurants, so stay tuned!

Also, as it is now officially May, it’s time to start counting down until my birthday, because that is what I do every year in May! T-minus 14 days until I’m 24!

-Girl in Los Angeles 🙂

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