Apparently I’ve become a fan of doing my own cooking. By that I mean going to restaurants with grills on the table and cooking it myself.

Tuesday, 4/19/2016

I hadn’t seen my friend Megan in a little while, and she suggested we head to “Gyu-Kaku,” a “Japanese” (it’s basically all Korean food) barbecue restaurant a few blocks from my house. How could I say no to that? Although it’s so close, I hadn’t been in a very long time, and was excited to try it out again. The same concept of Korean BBQ restaurants, you order food and cook it on the grill that is built into your table. A very fun concept! We talked about life as we ate various cuts of beef and vegetables (try the Japanese sweet potato–really great!). For dessert, they offer good old fashioned s’mores, so of course we had to partake!

The very fun surprise of the night was that our waiter was a former classmate of mine at my Taekwondo studio whom I hadn’t seen in years! He was really great, and informed me that he was moving to Japan soon. I’ll definitely have to visit him at some point… Overall, a fun, low-key evening at a fun restaurant!

-Girl in Los Angeles 🙂

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