Living the SLO Life

Another month, another trip up the California coast to one of my favorite places in the world–San Luis Obispo!

Friday, 4/8/2016
Me, Jordyn, and Jesse!

I left my office at around 1pm and headed straight up the 101 freeway to San Luis Obispo. About three hours later, I arrived at my friends Jordyn and Jesse’s house, my usual choice of residence during my SLO visits. We cuddled on the couch and watched “Say Yes to the Dress” as we got ready for the first activity of the weekend: Shabbat 250!

My little Rebecca and I at Shabbat 250!

Once a year, the entire Jewish community of SLO gets together to host as many people as they can for one Sabbath dinner. This year’s goal was 250, and I believe they nearly hit it! It started my senior year in 2014 with just 90, and has worked its way up.

I feel that I should note to you all that this weekend was not any ordinary SLO trip. It was my sorority’s annual alumni weekend, and alums from years past would be returning to reconnect with old sisters and meet the new ones. There were a few other alums at the Shabbat dinner whom I hadn’t seen in a long time, and it was great to catch up. We had a lovely meal and headed back to change for the next activity: Downtown SLO!

I’ve mentioned this in previous posts, but DT SLO is truly where it’s at on the weekend (and for that matter, a week night too). The alums and some of the of-legal-age active sisters decided to to hit the town and go to the bars! Some hilarity definitely ensued during the evening. Here are my favorite snapshots!

Things that I learned after the evening’s shenanigans: 1) Staying out past midnight is very difficult when you’re used to consistently waking up at 6/6:30am; 2) Pre-made margarita mixes are totally disgusting and way too sweet; 3) My sisters are pretty great (but I already knew that!); 4) I’m too old for college partying.

Saturday, 4/9/2016

I woke up still very tired, which was to be expected. The day’s first event didn’t start until 11:30, so I had some time to relax before heading to lunch at the park. They brought some yummy pastas from Olive Garden. Even after having graduated almost two years ago, I still find it weird to attend sorority events where I haven’t been involved in the planning and don’t have to do anything but show up. Is that weird? You can say yes. After eating, and successfully avoiding spilling red sauce on my white t-shirt, we all went around and introduced ourselves, saying what we did for a living/our major, and what color underwear we were wearing. Just your typical icebreaker game. We then broke into cars and headed for my favorite part of alumni weekend: wine tasting!

First stop was “Kelsey See Canyon Vineyards.” I had never been to the winery before, but I definitely recommend it! They had a lovely selection of whites, reds, and even some apple ciders! One of the winemakers brought a few of us around to the cider barrels and let us taste straight from them! It was absolutely delicious (you can often find me choosing to drink an apple cider, as I really do not like beer). Here are some cute pictures from Kelsey See!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We then headed to stop number two: “Autry Cellars.” I had visited Autry during last year’s alumni weekend, and was disappointed by their wines a bit, as many of them were oxidized. This year, however, I really enjoyed their wines (this may have been because the wines weren’t tainted, or it may have been because there were six wines–plus the cider–at winery #1, and seven wines at this winery). Either way, I was happy, and I feel that I’m actually starting to find varietals that I prefer over others. I’m sure my dad is so proud of me. Unfortunately it had started to rain so I didn’t get to take any scenic photos at Autry.

Our bellies full of wine, we headed back to Jordyn and Jesse’s house, after picking up my ultimate SLO staple, “High Street Deli!” I always make it a point to have High St. when I visit SLO. I used to get it about once a week during college, and I have yet to find anything remotely close to being as delicious in LA. I gobbled my sandwich down in a mere five minutes. I then spent the rest of the evening winding down and watching movies, as the past 24 hours had been pretty packed. At around 10pm, we all went and picked up some donuts from another SLO favorite, “SloDoCo.” I tried their “cookies and cream” donut for the first time and was insanely satisfied. I fell asleep (relatively) early and prepared myself for the next day.

Sunday, 4/10/2016

There was a breakfast planned for the alums in Avila Beach that morning, however I decided to forgo it in order to get breakfast at one of my favorites (sensing a theme?), “Charlie’s Place,” with my sorority family (my little Rebecca, grand-little Jordyn, and great-grand-little Rachel). Charlie’s Place is known for their giant and delicious breakfast burritos, and it definitely did not disappoint (I got mine with tri-tip). It was nice to catch up in a smaller group and not be overwhelmed by the whole sorority.

After saying my goodbyes, I had to head down to Santa Barbara for a personal matter (it’s quite sad, so I won’t share this time). I eventually made it home by 6pm, and promptly proceeded to catch a bad cold. I think I may have been overdoing it for the past few weeks and this was my body’s way of telling me to slow down. Thankfully, by the time you’re reading this post, I’m all better and back in action! Stay tuned for more posts!

-Girl in San Luis Obispo 🙂

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