Pizzeria Mozza

One of my best friends turned 23, and I took her out to celebrate at one of LA’s finest!

Tuesday, 4/5/2016

I’m a firm believer in fully celebrating birthdays. Nothing over the top, but definitely some sort of positive acknowledgement. I wanted to take my friend Shoshana out for her birthday, and so I suggested “Pizzeria Mozza” on Highland Ave. Although I had never been, I watch a lot of cooking shows/competitions, and fangirl over celebrity chefs. Mozza is owned by Mario Batali, whom I’m sure you all know, and Joe Bastianich, former judge on “MasterChef.” The restaurant was a lot smaller than anticipated, but had a great, rustic Italian vibe to it. Shoshana and I ordered fried squash blossoms as our appetizer (we could’ve easily eaten 10 of them, instead of just the allotted 4) and got the “Goat Cheese, Leeks, Scallions, Garlic & Bacon” pizza (sans bacon) as our main course, which was incredible and I could’ve easily eaten the whole thing myself (sensing a theme?). Overall, a delicious meal, although we probably should’ve ordered more food.

Happy 23rd, Shoshana!

Our hunger not fully satiated, we pondered dessert as we mentioned to the waitress that it was Shoshana’s birthday. Deciding to forgo dessert at Mozza and instead head somewhere else, the waitress brought Shoshana a small scoop of gelato with a candle in it.


We then hopped in a car and headed down to “Milk” on Beverly Blvd. for dessert! I’d seen their macaron ice cream sandwiches all over Instagram and had been excited to try one! But when we saw the display case, both of us decided to create our own ice cream sandwiches using their homemade cookies and ice cream — an excellent decision! They were quickly devoured before any insta-worthy photos were taken.


It was definitely an “LA” sort of night, filled with delicious food and great company. Here’s to many more fun nights in my amazing city!

-Girl in Los Angeles 🙂

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