Los Angeles Driving Tour

I had yet another very fun and eventful weekend, and here’s how my Saturday went. I drove around LA a lot.

Saturday, 4/2/2016

The month of April started off wonderfully with a fun girls night the evening before at my friend Mel’s apartment. Junk food, pink wine, and fun stories were are consumed. I got a good amount of sleep and was ready to start my weekend. My friend Michelle came over for lunch and we walked up the street to figure out what our stomachs desired.

As we walked along Ventura Blvd., I spotted an adorably tiny husky puppy and became entranced. However, when I looked up at its owner, it was none other than Mark Wahlberg! What he was doing in my neighborhood I had no idea, but I was thoroughly excited, and obviously have my priorities in place when it comes to dogs and celebrities (read: dogs will always come first). Just one of the fun things about living in LA.

Michelle and I settled upon a pita shop and caught up on life, as it had been a while since just the two of us had hung out. Afterwards, we grabbed a nutella-stuffed churro from “Happy Days Cafe.” I highly recommend you check out their desserts – always delicious!

This is only a fraction of the clothes that were up for swap!

Next, I headed over to West LA to meet with some other alumni of my sorority! Every couple of months, there is an event for all alumni members of my national sorority who live in Los Angeles. This quarter’s event was a clothing swap. Since I’d had such success with the one I’d done with my friends back in September, I knew it would be a lot of fun to go. I ended up getting a couple cute tops and an adorable hat, which will make its debut on my blog very soon, I’m sure.

After the clothing swap, I went and had coffee at this cute place called “Balconi Coffee Company.” The person I was with recommended I try their “almond essence latte,” which came with a fancy foam design and tasted like a macaron! Definitely worth a try.

Almond essence latte from Balconi! A new favorite!

I then headed all the way back to the valley to meet my grandparents for dinner at their house. My parents were there as well, and the five of us had a lovely evening. By the time we went home at around 8:30, I was so exhausted I crawled into bed and watched Daredevil on Netflix. Overall, a fun and successful Saturday!

-Girl in Los Angeles 🙂

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