A Good Friday

Although it’s just a short drive away, I rarely visit the town of Pasadena. I was there to celebrate my trainer’s 30th birthday and to hear his stand-up routine. Here’s how my night went.

Friday, 3/25/2016

My morning started out really rough, for reasons I won’t get into, but I knew that if nothing else, my evening would help to lift my spirits a bit. My trainer Erik was going to be performing his stand-up routine at “The Ice House Comedy Club” in Pasadena. I invited my friend Sam to join and we set out!

Sam loved the cuddlestache.

As it was Good Friday, there luckily wasn’t a ton of traffic, and we arrived in Old Town Pasadena in about a half hour. We walked around for bit before stumbling upon “Kings Row Gastropub” and decided to eat there for dinner. It turned out that Sam had coincidentally been there once before after her brother’s wedding! As we waited for our food, a guy from the ride-sharing company Lyft approached us and gave us some free swag for being loyal customers: a bottle opener keychain and a pink plushie mustache (see left). My mustache is currently on my desk at work.

After dinner, we headed over the the Ice House for the show! Erik would be performing with many other comedians that night. Sam and I sat in the front off to the side a bit, and we had a great time! Some of the comedians were definitely funnier than others, but mainly we just had a good laugh and I was so happy to be able to support Erik. (Side note–Erik was really great!)

Erik and me after the show!

After the show, Sam and I stopped by what she and my friend Chelsea deemed the best frozen yogurt ever: “21 Choices.” It was basically like Coldstone’s but with yogurt. I was feeling very down about my favorite place Humphrey’s closing, and Sam suggested we try this place. And I hate to say this, but it was actaully better than Humphrey’s! I had their “Couch Potato,” complete with potato chips, caramel, and sea salt! It was supposed to come with Heath Bar, but they were out and suggested I get Reese’s instead–amazing!

We gobbled up our yogurt and headed back to Sherman Oaks where Erik was celebrating his night at “Public School 818.” We played some shuffleboard (I lost horribly) and headed home after a great evening. Definitely hoping to explore a little more of Pasadena, as it seems like a lot of fun!

-Girl in Los Angeles 🙂

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