Road to Seoul

Unfortunately this is not my way of telling you I’m visiting South Korea. Fortunately, though, I did get to eat some amazing Korean BBQ with a good friend.

Tuesday, 3/22/2016

Danelle and I frequently will have lazy nights in where we’ll cook and watch Disney movies. This was not one of those nights. We decided that we’d actually go out and be adults. We headed to Koreatown (even though the geofilter on Snapchat said we were in Mid City) to a fun KBBQ restaurant called “Road to Seoul.” As you may have remembered from a previous post, I love Korean BBQ, and was looking forward to finding a new place to add to my list of faves.

Stupid inaccurate geofilter! Delicious meats 🙂

We walk in and the restaurant is blaring dance music. I felt like I definitely should have been at a club in Vegas rather than a barbecue restaurant in Los Angeles. Nonetheless, we settled in for the ride. The restaurant is all you can eat, which meant that Danelle and I would be getting our money’s worth. Round one was a delicious combo of bulgogi (a KBBQ must), marinated beef, and pork belly. We were very excited.

We caught up on life as we learned to master the tongs and scissors (we only failed once and one of the servers came to help us). By the time the food was finished, Danelle had ordered a second round of food. I was stuffed, and watched her champion her way through three more cuts of meat. It was extremely impressive.

img_7835We then needed to walk off the food and air out a bit (we stunk of grease).There just so happened to be a boba place down the road, and despite our fullness, we sucked it up and each got a boba-filled smoothie. It was a successful day.

-Girl in Los Angeles 🙂

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