When in doubt, pizza is always a good choice for a meal. Just try to argue with me on that.

Tuesday, 3/15/2016

I had been going back and forth with my sorority sister Megan on planning a date to see each other. It had been well over a year, and we were past due. Finally, we got a date on the calendar and made plans to walk from my house to the make-your-own pizza place, “Midici.” The line was out the door when we arrived, a sight all-too-common for the restaurant. We caught up on the past year as we waited in line.

Once we had finally ordered and paid, it took a mere 5 minutes for our food to arrive. I had ordered a pesto version of their “prisoner pizza,” which has ricotta cheese stuffed in the crust. Amazing. We scarfed our respective pizzas down excitedly and toasted our glasses of wine to wonderful reunions. Our conversation was as fun as the food was delicious. As we were about to go and order one of their nutella dessert calzones, to our surprise, one of the chefs brought one to our table, free of charge. We were delighted and indulged in the sweet treat. I am still full from the meal as I write this blog post. Such a fun night with an old friend, and I’m sure I (and my readers) will be seeing Megan again soon!

-Girl in Los Angeles 🙂

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