Clearing a Magical Path

Disneyland on crutches was quite an experience. Thankfully, they cleared a nice path to meander through crowds, and my companions made up for my discomfort!

Sunday, 3/13/2016

As this would be my 4th trip to Disneyland in 7 months, you’d think I would get sick of the place. And you would be totally wrong. This was a Disney day unlike one I had ever experienced before. But what makes this trip different from all other trips? First of all, it was my first trip since my surgery. Potentially pushing my limits, I took on both parks with my almost-bionic knee brace and crutches, per the advice of my physical therapist. Second of all, I would be attending the park with my brother Zach for the first time in almost 10 years. I couldn’t have been more excited.

Aren’t we the cutest?

I fifth-wheeled the crew today, as along with Zach and his girlfriend Jayne, Danelle and her boyfriend Riley would be accompanying us. Cue the pity “awws” from my mother. But my excitement could not be deterred! Danelle and I sported matching sparkly ears for the occasion and Zach and Jayne each bought Disney hats.

Once we entered the park, Zach and Jayne split off to ride Thunder Mountain. I was too distracted by seeing Dr. Facilier and his fabulousness. I told Danelle we needed pictures. First we saw Tiana, who asked if my fairy godmother had made my ears for me. It was delightful. But the highlight of the morning was meeting Facilier, one of my favorite villains, from Princess and the Frog. He asked if I had any extra “diamonds” to share with him, and was very upset I didn’t have any. Then he asked for our names. I said my name was Adina, and without missing a beat, he asked me if I was “more of a green witch, or a bit more icy.” I chuckled and said it was spelled differently, and he rolled his eyes. What a wonderful human.

Danelle, Riley, and me!

Afterwards, we headed to Pirates of the Caribbean. We were able to go through the handicapped access point, but the operators made me take my crutches on the ride, in case it needed to be evacuated. To be honest, I would’ve left them behind.

No idea why I made this stupid face. But yay for Jayne’s first Disney churro!

After the ride, we stopped for the necessary Disney churro, Jayne’s first. We took a selfie to document the occasion. We then walked to take some stereotypical castles photos, because a) it was only Jayne’s second time in the park (first time she actually remembers), and b) it’s me and I have a compulsive need to document fun things. Please see below all castle photos because they’re #totesadorbs.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After our photo frenzy, we hopped over to California Adventure to ride California Screamin’ (sadly the camera wasn’t working, otherwise that photo would’ve definitely been in this post) and to grab lunch at a place I’d been dying to try, “Cove Bar.” It overlooks the Ferris Wheel and roller coaster, and serves up some yummy drinks and bar food. I’d most been looking forward to trying their lobster nachos, and I was not disappointed! After lunch, we took some extremely necessary group photos.

I was getting pretty tired, so instead of redeeming my fast pass at Hyperspace Mountain like the rest of the group, I meandered over to Soarin’ Over California in the single rider line. I headed home shortly after. It was a great day! Please see some silly photos Danelle and I took below.

So happy to have my brother home for spring break! Here’s to the next adventure!

-Girl in Los Angeles 🙂

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