Cousins Maine Lobster

I have been dying to try this restaurant forever and I finally did and it did not disappoint.

Thursday, 3/3/2016

For those of you who are huge Shark Tank fans like me, you might recognize the franchise “Cousins Maine Lobster.” And if you’re a big seafood fan like me, you might look at their menu and think, “I really need to try this place.” Let me just reaffirm that for you: you absolutely do.

The franchise has a storefront in West Hollywood, right on Santa Monica Blvd. near La Cienega. I met up with Maria and we walked up to the counter and I asked, “So what’s the best thing on the menu?” They recommended we try the “Connecticut Roll” and the “Lobster BLT” and a side of tater tots (well they suggested the “Lobster Tots,” but that seemed really ambitious on top of the food we were already ordering). We sat down and bit into the yumminess that is Maine lobster. It was absolutely amazing.


Maria and I sat and chatted about exciting and unexciting things alike. We hadn’t seen each other in what seemed like an eternity but if you look at my past blog posts it was really just a week and a half. After dinner we sat at the Starbucks next door and talked for another hour. So happy I got to see her before the craziness of my next week and a half sets in. More stories and blog posts to come. Tomorrow, I head back to SLO!

-Girl in Los Angeles 🙂

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