Reunions Galore

I kissed the crutches goodbye and set out to the wonderful land of West Hollywood on a Saturday night.

Saturday, 2/27/16

I can’t remember the last time I actually went out to a bar on weekend with some friends, which is rather pitiful if you ask me. But since I am finally walking around without the crutches (although I have a massive brace and can’t bend my leg with weight on it just yet), I felt that it was time to step out of a literal comfort zone and go out with my friends Mel and Chelsea. I hopped in my car and set a course for WeHo.

Reunited with Daniel for the first time in over 9 months!

Our first stop was “The Darkroom” on Melrose, and there awaited my first reunion of the evening. For those who have followed this blog since its “Adina in Israel” days, you will remember seeing many posts about my amazing friend Daniel! Well, Daniel just so happened to be in L.A. for the weekend with nothing to do that night, and he was able to meet up with us! I gave him multiple bear hugs in excitement as he entered the bar.

I intruded on Mel and Chelsea’s photo booth session. Oops 😛

We ordered some drinks and I let 2 of my friend worlds collide. We all talked and caught up about life, enjoying one another’s great company. I have some of the best friends in the world, and the way everyone eased into conversation truly affirmed that. After an hour or so, we felt it was time to head out to the next location: “The Surly Goat.”

The Surly Goat offered more of a social/dance vibe compared to the relaxed atmosphere of The Darkroom. We all grabbed another drink and continued talking (well, really yelling) to one another on the dance floor. It was definitely more difficult to maneuver around with my bad leg in this type of space, but I was having a lot of fun so I couldn’t complain.

We talked to some strangers, as you do at bars, and then we saw multiple people from our high school. And when you’re feeling slightly tipsy, everyone becomes your best friend, so we all hugged and caught up as much as we could at 1AM in a loud bar. It was definitely hilarious, and all of us were surprised it didn’t happen more often to us. The night was winding down, as was my energy, so Daniel and I hugged goodbye, and we all went home. In the morning, Mel made me shakshuka, so I feel like I hit my Israel nostalgia.

Although my knee was slightly swollen the next day, I’m so happy that I decided to suck it up for one evening and stay out past my bedtime. Definitely worth it, and hope that it will happen more often in the future!

-Girl in Los Angeles

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