Season of the Mouse

With my surgery fast approaching and my future lack of mobility on the horizon, I knew I needed one last Disney hurrah to go out with a bang! (warning that those who aren’t as big of a Disney fan as I am may be bored by this post)

Saturday, 1/9/2016

It was 6:15AM. I donned my R2-D2 Minnie Mouse ears and knee brace and headed over to pick up Maria for our day of epic fun. I needed one last day to fully experience walking around without hindrance, and what better way than to spend it at Disneyland?

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We arrived before the park opened and eagerly awaited the magic to begin. I was bubbling with excitement, as per usual on my Disney days. As soon as they let guests into the lands, we headed straight for Tomorrowland to grab our Hyperspace Mountain fast passes! I was a little worse for wear with my knee, but power(walk)ed through. We then hit up Star Tours and both proceeded to freak the eff out at the additions from the new movie. We are Star Wars trash and it is perfectly okay, don’t judge us.

Then it was time to hit up Peter Pan, Maria’s favorite ride. I will never understand why Peter Pan always has the longest line in the whole park. While a fun ride, having to bend my knee at such a tight angle was no bueno.

Me and my biggie 🙂

We then just wandered around the park a bit. And who should we run into but my big sister and old roommate, Rachel! I hadn’t seen her since September, and it was a total coincidence that she was there celebrating her boyfriend’s birthday! She is one of my favorite Disneyland buddies, and her being there made this day even more magical.

We were able to hit up my favorite non-roller coaster-type ride, Haunted Mansion, and it was still decorated for Christmas! There’s just something about the ride with the Nightmare Before Christmas theme and it smelling like gingerbread that makes me all tingly inside. If you haven’t experienced it, you don’t know what you’re missing.

It was then time for lunch, so Maria and I hopped over to California Adventure and had lunch in “wine country.” It was definitely a hilarious experience to be drinking a glass of wine while wearing Minnie ears.

The usual photo in front of Mickey’s Fun Wheel!

We then hit up a few DCA specials, as Maria had never been before! We spent a few more hours walking around and going on a few more rides before it was time to cash in our fast passes for Aladdin! It was the second to last day that it was EVER going to be there, so we had to get tickets, because it is an amazing and perfect show.

After the show, we got some snacks, because I was still full from lunch, and we headed back home, exhausted but extremely happy. I easily fell asleep and woke up sore the next day.

Once my knee is healed, I fully intend on heading back to Disneyland for fun times!

-Girl in Los Angeles

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