Killer Tunes and Korean BBQ

I just tried waaaay too hard to make the title of this post alliterative.

Saturday, 1/2/2016

After having to work New Year’s Day, and then sleep off whatever bug I caught, I was ready to finally ring in 2016 properly! A few weeks prior, my mom had bought tickets to see “If/Then,” Idina Menzel’s musical playing at the Pantages. I was very excited to spend a nice afternoon with my mommy.

She made a brunch reservation at “Off Vine,” an old bungalow that has been refashioned into a cute restaurant. We both got omelets, which were delicious, although we both had our eye on their signature chocolate souffle. Next time. Our sugar fix was satisfied by their banana bread, which was brought to every table. Incredible.

Mommy and me 🙂

Then it was off to the show! I’m a big fan of Idina Menzel, and hearing her sing in person was absolutely unbelievable! While the story line of the musical itself was okay, and the songs were just so-so, she really brought the show to life and my enjoyment level up! I was so happy to have spent a fun afternoon with my mom!

I went home and relaxed for a few hours before it was time for dinner with some great friends! My old taekwondo buddy Sarah was in town for winter break from medical school, so she organized a few of the TKD gals to go out for Korean BBQ!

KBBQ/TKD ladies! L to R: Joanne, me, Jazmin, and Sarah

Sarah is half-Korean, so I definitely trusted her when she said that “Shik Do Rak” in Northridge was authentic, delicious KBBQ. It was a really nice reunion for us. we caught up on our lives, ate good food, and laughed like no time had passed since we saw each other. We have made a pact to make this our New Year tradition!

So thankful to have such great family and friends to create fun memories with at the start of the new year! So happy to have started off the year right!

-Girl in Los Angeles 🙂

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