…and a Happy New Year

Well, 2015 came to a close. Time to reflect and look back on all that has happened this year and look forward for what’s to come!

What can I say about 2015? It was definitely a year of craziness, both good and bad. I figure now is a good a time as any to reflect on my year and everything that happened. Fortunately I kept pretty good track of this blog last year, and I hope to be a bit more attentive this year!

January: I started 2015 in Israel with some amazing friends, whom I still talk to this day. While my time in Israel was a mix, I’m so thankful that I was able to experience living and working in another country, and to gain a wealth of skills and knowledge that I am able to take keep with me in my life today.

February: One of my favorite months of my entire life, without a doubt. Although filled with some teary goodbyes to my Israel friends, I spent a month traveling Europe by myself, making some great friends along the way and having memories to last a lifetime. Being able to take on the world solo was a huge step on becoming who I am today.

March: My return home to the States! Also the month that I chopped all my hair off and decided that I was tired of being a lazy bum and wanted to make a difference in my life, physically and mentally. Since this realization, I have lost 20 pounds and am way more confident with the person I am today.

April: A month of heartache and reflection. After losing out on what I thought was my dream job, I had to recalculate and refocus on where I wanted to go in my life.

May: 22 had been an interesting year, so now it was time to ring in 23! With my amazing family and friends behind me, I knew that no matter what the year had in store, my support system would be there every step of the way.

June: The month I got my first real world job! I jumped up and down in excitement at finally entering adulthood and receiving a steady paycheck.

July: Saying goodbye to my best friend who was moving across the country for law school was a tough moment.

August: The month of endless birthdays, and realization that the job I had taken was probably the wrong choice for me.

September: The month where I solidified a new and wonderful friendship. And when my intense wanderlust began to overtake me.

October: The last straw at my new job. I began interviewing and looking for new employment opportunities. I came close a few times, had my heart broken again, but did not give up the search.

November: I finally quit my horrible job, and found my current, perfect, wonderful, beautiful job in the world of public relations! I seriously could not be happier with the decision I made!

December: A mixed month, filled with great friends, amazing job experiences, but also heartbreaking injury on my path to a healthier me. I tore my ACL and meniscus and would need surgery. Trying to stay as positive as possible, I pushed forward into 2016.

Thursday, 12/31/2015

img_7506New Year’s Eve was a fun night with good friends, and a way for me to reminisce about all of the experiences I’ve had throughout the year. It feels like the year had just flown by, so writing this post is a great way for me to think about everything. Here is the one picture from the evening, before I got food poisoning and drank a bit too much. Featuring my beautiful best friend, Hallie!

Cheers to 2016!

-Girl in Los Angeles 🙂


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