I love my new job and I love my new coworkers and our holiday party was actually epic.

Thursday, 12/10/2015
Secret Santa with my awesome coworkers!

Since I started my new job, I’ve loved (almost) every second of it. I’m never bored, the work is exciting, and no one yells at me. What more could you ask for? We’ve had a few stand-out events that have been noteworthy: the pre-Thanksgiving potluck (I brought Rice Krispie treats); our Secret Santa gift exchange (I received a lovely bottle of Sailor Jerry’s); and most notable, our Holiday party….on a yacht!

Our office had a soft close at 4:00pm so that everyone could go home and get ready. Since the holiday party was being held in the complete opposite direction of my house, my coworker Molly was kind enough to invite me to her place to get ready, which was just 10 minutes away from the dock.

Molly and me!

Once we finished getting dressed, we called an Uber and dashed over to the Hornblower’s Cruises, located in Marina Del Ray. Upon arrival, a glass of champagne was placed in our hands, which was unnecessary due to the open bar (oh yeah).

Not going to go into all the details, but it was such a fun evening! I ended up winning a cozy blanket in the raffle (I seem to be getting lucky in raffles lately!) and I really enjoyed getting to know my coworkers. I also got to see a fair amount of them drunk, which was hilarious. I chose to take it easy, as being known as the “drunk newbie” didn’t exactly appeal to me (plus I had to drive almost 45 minutes home). I’m so fortunate to work for such a fun company with people whom I genuinely enjoy spending time with, and I look forward to having more awesome  stories to tell.

-Girl in Los Angeles 🙂

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