On The Thirty

A friend of mine suggested we go to Happy Hour at a restaurant up the street from where I live, so how could I refuse?

Wednesday, 11/25/2015

I’ve been making an effort recently to make new friends and put myself into new environments to make this happen. A few months ago, I attended a Shabbat dinner for young adults in LA and really hit it off with this girl Michelle. I hadn’t seen her since, but we decided it was time to actually get to know each other. Both of us had short days on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, so what better time to go to Happy Hour? She suggested we go to “On The Thirty,” a restaurant and wine bar that is literally a block away from where I live. I had been there twice before with my mom, but hadn’t been in a few years, so I figured it was time to give it another shot.

When we arrived a little after 4pm, we were shown the the bar for their happy hour. Our bartender was a friendly, handsome Irishman who grew up in London, so his accent was delightful to listen to. We each ordered one of their special $6 cocktails. They had a martini made with their house-made pineapple vodka, so I went with that. It was delicious and came with a hibiscus flower so I felt very fancy. They had half-off pizzas as well, so we ordered their veggie pizza, which was absolutely amazing. We shared, although I easily could’ve eaten the whole thing.

We talked about each other’s lives (she coincidentally also just got a new job), swapped hilarious bad date stories, and really got to know one another. It’s so nice to meet someone who you immediately click with. We ordered another round of drinks and some chicken skewers with a chimichurri sauce (only $5 during happy hour!). At around 5:30pm, we called it an evening and headed back to my place to say goodbyes. Such a fun night, and I’m sure Michelle will be making some more appearances on this blog in the future!

-Girl in Los Angeles 🙂

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