There’s No Place Like SLOme

As some of you may have seen on my “upcoming trips” in my right sidebar, I went back to SLO for the first time since May! And of course, it was amazing!

Friday, 11/20/2015

After a very successful first week at my new job, I hit the road and headed up the coast to one of my favorite places in the world: San Luis Obispo! I arrived at around 1:30pm and headed straight to lunch with my big sister Rachel (sorority big sister, that is) at my favorite sandwich place ever: “High St. Deli.” It was fairly crowded, as it usually is on a Friday afternoon, but it was so worth the wait! I got my usual order, their Turkey Pesto sando, to which I added avocado. Rachel and I caught up on each other’s lives and scarfed down the sandwiches in minutes. So much fun and oh so delicious!

I then headed over to my grand-little Jordyn’s house (where I was staying for the weekend) and dropped off all of my stuff before the next order of business: shopping with my good friend and past blog visitor, Shoshana! She was on a mission, while I was just along for the ride. We hit up a few stores before finally finding what she needed at Old Navy…and I got myself a sweater during their one-day 50% off sweater sale. No regrets. It’s a wonderfully cozy sweater (which is perfect now that it’s actually getting chilly in Southern California).

Now there were 2 main reasons that I decided to visit SLO on this particular weekend. The first was that it was my sorority’s annual philanthropy, “Pink Shabbat,” which raises money for “Sharsheret,” a support group for women with cancer. The Pink Shabbat was next on my packed list of activities! It was so nice to see all of my sisters, and introduce myself so many of the new ones that I had yet to meet! The dinner itself was fine, nothing special, but it was so great to be back on campus and see so many familiar faces. Plus, I won 2 necklaces in the raffle, so no complaints there!

The birthday girl and me!

The second main reason for visiting SLO was because it was my friend Jesse’s 21st birthday! And no town does 21st birthdays like SLO does! You go around downtown to many (if not all) of the different bars and the birthday girl/boy gets a fun specialty drink at each place. My 21st birthday in SLO was probably my favorite birthday ever, so I was looking forward to helping Jesse celebrate properly.

L to R: Jesse, me, and Jesse’s cousin Emma

A nice group of us gathered at Jesse’s house to go out ahead of time. We made it to about 4 different bars in total, one less than my 21st, and we all had an amazing time! But at around 1am, Jesse was ready to call it a night, so we got a ride home from a friend and I passed out on the couch.

Saturday, 11/21/2015

We all woke up pretty late the next day and were craving breakfast food that could help absorb the hangovers. We decided on a SLO staple, the Madonna Inn. They have a formal steak house, but I’ve always eaten at their “Copper Cafe,” which offers really great American cuisine and the most delicious cakes and pies (trust me when I say you need to try their Dutch caramel apple pie a la mode!). I got some delicious poached eggs and hash browns. When we finished the meal, our server told us that you get a free piece of cake on your birthday, so Jesse got a piece of carrot cake and we passed it around in a circle each taking a bite. It was so moist and the cream cheese frosting was on point.

Afterwards, I took a much needed nap, as the sleep I’d gotten the night before was not great. At around 3:45, Jesse informed us that we had a reservation at the Sycamore Hot Springs in Avila Beach. 5 of us (Jesse, Jordyn, their roommate Leanne, Jesse’s cousin Emma, and me) put on our bathing suits and got our own private hot spring pool. Very relaxing! I think if it had been a bit colder out it would have been nicer, as the pool was really hot, but definitely a lot of fun.

We got back to their house after the hot springs and Jordyn and I decided we’d break off from the group and do our own thing. We both wanted to see the new Hunger Games movie, so we bought our tickets and headed down the street for dinner at “Eureka! Burger,” a delicious burger restaurant chain located mostly around California. I ordered their Fresno Fig Burger, with a side of Honey Cinnamon Sweet Potato Fries on the side: both amazing!

The movie was fine, but to be honest I’m glad that there aren’t any more Hunger Games movies coming out that I need to see. Don’t get me wrong, I loved reading the books, but I think it was time. Jordyn and I enjoyed ourselves though, laughing at inappropriate times and making lots of comments. Hopefully no one else cared, and if they did, they’re taking life way too seriously.

Birthday girl Karina and me!

After the movie, we stopped by my friend Karina’s house, as it was also her birthday and she was going to have a bar crawl downtown. I felt that I’d had my fill of downtown the night before, but I told her I’d stop by and celebrate for a little bit. We had a really nice time chatting with her other friends, who were hilarious! We stayed for about an hour before calling it a night like old ladies (I am not afraid to admit that I am an old lady who enjoys being in bed by 10pm. It was actually past my usual bedtime at this point!).

Sunday, 11/22/2015
Jordyn and me at brunch

My last day in SLO started off with breakfast at one of my favorite brunch restaurants, “Charlie’s Place.” While they serve food all day (I also enjoy their Taco Tuesdays), their brunch is the best. I got one of their massive omelets, which is served with the best crispy hash browns (yes, very similar to my breakfast the day before, but who cares). Feeling totally stuffed, I went back to Jordyn’s house and packed up my stuff to go home.

Before leaving, I met Karina downtown for some fun shopping times! We grabbed coffee at Starbucks and meandered around the shops. One of my favorite shoe stores was closing and having a major sale, so we headed inside. I ended up buying a pair of Vince Camuto flats for under $20, so I was definitely a happy camper. Karina and I chatted before I had to head back to LA. I hopped in the car, got myself some gas from Costco (my usual routine), and said goodbye to one of my favorite places in the world. I will definitely be back again soon!

-Girl in San Luis Obispo 🙂

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