Birthday at Ceremony Bar

Another birthday celebration, so that means it’s time to check out a new bar/restaurant!

Monday, 11/2/2015

My friend, and frequent visitor in my blog posts, Maria celebrated her birthday and I was so happy to be invited along for the ride! Maria’s boyfriend Ryan suggested we check out a new place called “Ceremony Bar,” a Day of the Dead-themed Mexican restaurant and bar. After looking over the menu, I knew we had to check it out. Located right on Ventura Blvd. at Carpenter St., the place is brandished with a giant skull–hard to miss. After failing to find street parking, I drove up to the valet and walked inside. The entrance leads to two restaurants: Ceremony Bar to the right and its fancier counterpart La Loggia to the left. Luckily I walked in the right direction and found my friends. There were 6 celebrating this evening: birthday girl Maria, Ryan, Mel, Mel’s roommate Devon, Devon’s boyfriend Sam, and me. It was a great group of people–never a dull moment or awkward silence.

As it was a Monday night, the bar was practically empty, but its Day of the Dead theme held strong with mariachi skull paintings lining the walls. Very fun. They had a nice list of specialty cocktails. I went to order one, but they were sadly out of it. The waitress suggested a margarita, which was strong, but still good. We ordered some chips and guacamole for the table, as you do at a Mexican restaurant. We all perused the menu and after asking the waitress for some recommendations, we ordered a myriad of food. I ended up getting a shrimp quesadilla, a chicken taco, and a pork belly taco (which is super uncharacteristic of me, but the waitress raved about it). The food came in waves, as it was more of a tapas-style restaurant. First out were the tacos. The chicken was just okay, but the pork belly was amazing! Super crispy and packed a lot of flavor. Then the quesadilla came. It was small and I had to eat it with a fork and knife, but with both panela and cotija cheeses, there were many delicious layers of cheesy goodness. Overall, I enjoyed this place and I would definitely go back for that pork belly taco!

Afterwards, we all headed to Maria and Ryan’s apartment for birthday celebrations! Maria’s mom had ordered a double chocolate cake from my favorite bakery, “SusieCakes.” My stomach was overly full after all of the delicious food I’d eaten that evening, but I still managed to have a small piece (this was probably a bad idea, but as the kids say, “YOLO”). Maria opened her presents and we all had a great time together before calling it a night.

Although most of the people at this dinner are newer friends of mine, I felt like we’d all been friends for years, and it was so amazing to fit right in. It dawned on me that I’ve been back from Israel for 8 months, and I have started to finally settle into some sense of normalcy. That will change relatively soon (details to come), but I’m really loving my new adult life in L.A. and looking forward to the next adventure!

-Girl in Los Angeles 🙂

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