Family Bowling Night

My cousin turned 11, and instead of wanting a big fancy dinner, he chose a much more fun way to celebrate!

Monday, 10/26/2015

If I haven’t mentioned this before, my family is extremely close. We all get together around once a week and all holidays and birthdays are celebrated in style. My cousin Andrew was turning 11, and he decided that he wanted the whole family to go bowling together. The whole family usually means 15 of us (my mom is one of 4), but since my parents are away and my brother is in college, I was the sole representative of my family branch and the 12 of us headed out for a night of fun.

My amazing cousins! L to R: birthday boy Andrew, Ethan, me, and Lauren

Now let me start off by saying I love bowling. I took 2 quarters of bowling in college: 1 my first quarter of freshman year where I was teamed up with 3 seniors, and the other my last quarter of senior year where I teamed up with my good friend/grand-little Jordyn and 2 randoms in the class. But this time, I was a little hesitant to bowl, as I’ve been having some shoulder problems recently, but I’m so glad that I changed my mind (also I used a light 9-pound ball). We all had such a great time, cheering each other on for the strikes and spares as well as for the gutter balls (there were plenty, trust me). I ended up with a high score of 116, not too far off from my personal best of 132 (no, it’s not that good, I know. I never said I was a pro bowler, just that I took some classes).

So happy we got to celebrate the birthday boy!
So happy we got to celebrate the birthday boy!

The bowling alley had a restaurant/kitchen, so we all ordered some of their food. I got a turkey sandwich, which was nothing special. The big winner of the evening, though, was the cake my aunt ordered from one of my favorite bakeries, “Nothing Bundt Cakes.” All of their cakes are bundt-shaped, including their individual bundtlets (like cupcakes) and bundtinis (like mini cupcakes)! There’s one down the street from my house and we frequent there for special occasions. We had their lemon cake with cream cheese frosting–delicious! Overall, a super fun night, and I’m so glad that my family takes time to celebrate the milestones, both big and small.

-Girl in Los Angeles 🙂

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