Movie Night

Almost every time I hang out with my friend Chelsea, we see a movie. Usually, it’s something artsy and a little out of the box, but this time it was great and everyone should go see it!

Tuesday, 10/20/2015

My life has been a bit crazy recently. Not going to go into too much detail, but I really felt like I was in need of a relaxing evening out. Chelsea mentioned to me that she had a pass to see an early screening of the movie “Brooklyn,” which is about an Irish girl in the 1950’s who immigrates to America. I watched the trailer and it looked great, so I was happy to take her up on the offer.

The screening was set for 7:30pm, so I arrived at the Arclight Hollywood at around 6:30. There must have been 4 or 5 different screenings happening because there were lines everywhere! I walked all around the theater and couldn’t find Chelsea (this was partly my fault, as I was on the phone), and finally found her. It was about 6:45, and neither of us had eaten, so Chelsea walked around the corner to the “Veggie Grill,” a vegan chain restaurant, and ordered our food. But as she was waiting, the line to check in for the screening started to move. After getting our tickets, Chelsea went to save seats and I went and waited to pick up the food, as my purse was bigger and could sneak it in (oh, don’t act like you haven’t done it before). I looked at the ticket and panicked as it said 7:00pm, not 7:30 as previously stated. The food was ready at 6:55 so I rushed back to the theater as fast as I could without looking awkward and sat down next to Chelsea. Well that wasn’t exactly what I had in mind for a relaxing evening out.

Luckily, the ticket we’d received was wrong, and it did actually start at 7:30, so Chelsea and I had time to leisurely eat our food and talk. I ordered their “Glazed Tofu Bahn Mi,” which was definitely some of the best tofu I’ve ever had (plus it came with fries, so I’m not complaining). Chelsea got their “Bombay Bowl,” which she thoroughly enjoyed.

The movie was amazing! It doesn’t come out for a few weeks, so I won’t spoil anything, but I definitely laughed out loud, teared up, and felt the warm fuzzies. It was exactly what I needed to calm down the craziness.

-Girl in Los Angeles 🙂

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