Luke Bryan Concert

I attended a Luke Bryan concert and this is how it went!

Saturday, 10/17/2015

My friend Melissa and I bought tickets to see the wonderful, sexy Luke Bryan in concert at the Irvine Meadows Amphitheater! As the date came closer, my excitement grew exponentially. I love Luke’s music and always find country concerts to be a fun experience! Melissa picked me up and we set off for the concert!

Melissa loves to duckface
Melissa loves to duckface

We arrived a little after 5pm, and the concert didn’t start until 7. I had been to this venue before and knew that there would be some food and drink concessions inside, so I figured we could grab some dinner and chill before the concert began. Finally, at around 5:45, they let us inside!

We shared this, I swear

We waited about a half hour in line before they even opened the doors. We found a sandwich truck and each ordered one. I wish I could remember the name of this truck, because it was delicious! Melissa grabbed a frozen “straw-brr-rita” from the nearby concession. It came in a guitar-shaped plastic container and was fruity and refreshing.

When we finally got to our “seats,” we realized that we would be sitting on the lawn. The was a grassy area at the very top of the amphitheater. I wish we’d known we’d be sitting on the grass…we would’ve brought a blanket. Nevertheless, we sat down and enjoyed our dinner as we prepared for the gloriousness that is Luke Bryan.

The concert was opened by Dustin Lynch and Randy Houser. I knew a few of their songs and sang along. They were both really great. The problem with our seats was that they weren’t assigned. People came and squeezed their way into spaces that they shouldn’t have fit, and they also kept blocking those behind them (namely, us). I was kicked multiple times and lost a bit of my hearing due to some obnoxious screamers around me (don’t even get me started on the voice of the most tone-deaf human on the planet).

IMG_7136-0But honestly, once Luke came on the stage and started serenading us with his amazing voice, none of this mattered. He is such a fun performer, and even though he was sick and I could hear a few sharp notes, he laughed and danced his way through it and made everyone feel like they were special. It was truly amazing.

The funniest part of my evening would have to be when 2 drunk guys started hitting on the group of girls standing in front of us. One of them got in the way of an older man who was enjoying the show. The man literally screamed at this punk to get out of his way and to not f*** with an old guy. It was actually hilarious, and props to the old man for standing his ground. We left the concert shortly after this debacle, so as to avoid the traffic.

Overall, a fun experience. I’m not much of a concert person, but this was definitely a lot of fun! I would totally want to see Luke in concert again (as long as I had an actual seat to sit on).

-Girl in Los Angeles 🙂

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