Break Room 86

I went to a cool bar with some cool people and it was really cool. I think I’m pretty okay with this introduction.

Saturday, 10/3/2015

My friend Mel has recently gotten into the show “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” which I fully support because Buffy is incredible, however she said that it has left her with a lack of social life. In order to remedy this, she invited a few of us to a bar that she and Chelsea had discovered, called “Break Room 86.” I knew nothing about this bar before venturing into the evening, and I was totally okay with that.

Danelle and I grabbed dinner before coming back to my house to get ready for the evening. We listened to Disney music and took many selfies, as you do before going out. We don’t have a Disney problem, I swear.

Melissa picked us up and drove us to Chelsea’s apartment for a quick pregame. There were 7 of us setting out this evening: Danelle, Mel, Chelsea, Melissa, Mel’s friend Emily, Melissa’s coworker Lauren, and me. This mix of people was really great, as I’m a huge fan of introducing my friends to other friends. This was a lovely mix of new and old friends to the crew, and it worked super well! We took 2 separate cars to the bar and arrived in front of what seemed like an abandoned building.

We walked up to the bouncer and before we could enter the bar, we were given a set of rules:

  1. No photography in the hallway
  2. No flash photography during performances
  3. Exit through the arcade area

Well, color me intrigued! We were lead through a hallway that looked like an industrial kitchen/warehouse. A woman then stopped us in front of a vending machine next to an elevator and asked if any of us wanted a snack. I, not realizing that we weren’t going into the elevator, said “I’m sure a lot of people take you up on that offer.” Moments later, she pulled on the vending machine, revealing the secret entrance to Break Room 86. Awesome.

This lead into a private room for karaoke! Unfortunately, it was locked.

We were immediately transported to the 80’s. The DJ played 80’s hits like Madonna and Michael Jackson, the bathroom walls were lined with cassette tapes, and you could play vintage arcade games like Pacman and Centipede. We are all extremely happy. After grabbing drinks, we swooped on a table that said “reserved,” but a large group of people had just left it, so we figured it was fair game. As we sat down, I noticed that the back wall had a telephone booth and a few doors that said “Recording Studio” amidst a wall of lockers. They lead into private rooms where those who rented them out could karaoke to 80’s classics. I would have loved to join in, but maybe another time.

After sitting and talking (well, more yelling than talking) over the music, we all decided to get up and dance! As a pure 90’s child, I didn’t know all of the songs played, but there were definitely some fun songs that we all knew and sang along to.

Lauren, Danelle and me waiting for the bathroom along the cassette-covered walls!

We danced for a little while before needing to go and get some air (it was pretty warm inside). We all went outside and talked at a nice, normal volume. After a while, Mel came over and said to me, “You have to come and say hi to this Israeli.” I reluctantly walked over and see a guy holding a cigarette (ew – should have been my immediate warning sign). I introduced myself and he makes a comment about my name and how Jewish it sounds. Slightly annoyed, but still wanting to be friendly, I asked him where he went to high school, as he said he grew up in LA. He got extremely awkward and told me he was an online high school dropout. Clearly a winner… I left the conversation as soon as I politely could.

Melissa and I love to duckface together
Melissa and I love to duckface together. She’s better at it than I am.

We went back inside and played a few arcade games before sitting back down at a different table. All of the sudden, a really great Michael Jackson impersonator came up. Of course I had to take a picture!

Michael and me
Michael and me

We stayed for a little while longer, finishing up our drinks and having a fun time. But by 12:30, most of us were tired and the bar had gotten significantly more crowded. So we called it a night and all headed home.

Overall, I really enjoyed this bar! It had a great theme that carried on throughout my whole experience and the drinks, although a bit pricey (I mean, it’s LA, so that’s to be expected), were really tasty. My one main complaint about this bar is that it was ridiculously dark. I wear glasses occasionally, for distance, but I couldn’t make out the face of a person 10 feet away from me. However, that definitely didn’t put a damper on my experience as a whole. I would definitely go back to this bar!

Still loving exploring new places around LA, but what I love more is spending time with my friends, both old and new, and creating fun memories! (and actually remembering them because I’m writing them down on this blog). Some more fun things are in the works, so I will be sure to keep you all updated!

-Girl in Los Angeles 🙂

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