Clothing Swap Fun Times

I’ve been battling the flu for the past week and it’s been miserable, so please excuse both my lack of posting and lack of fun things to talk about. But I did manage get in one fun activity this past week, so here we go!

Saturday, 9/26/2015

When my friend Mel presented the idea of a clothing swap, where a bunch of us would bring in clothes that we don’t wear/don’t like/don’t fit into anymore and swapped with one another, I was really excited! However, when I returned home from Israel with a closet and dresser than barely fit what I owned, I had a clothing purge and got rid of probably half of my closet, if not more. Still, I managed to find a few items I didn’t mind parting with and set off for my friend Chelsea’s apartment to see what kind of a haul there was.

Mel collapsed in the sea of clothes. Melissa and Chelsea are not paying attention. It was very hot.

There were 7 of us altogether, so we had a wide range of styles and sizes to choose from! I ended up going home with a few dressy tops, a casual tank, a dress, and an Aladdin sweatshirt, so I would call that successful! Chelsea took one of my tops that I brought. My other items were not exactly up to par, I must admit. Sorry, friends. Each of us ended up with several good pieces (Danelle took home quite a few floral dresses) and we donated the rest to charity. From the amount of clothes we donated, I think that we definitely need to do this more often. Every season, maybe?

I highly recommend that you do this with your friends! It was so fun trying on new clothes and knowing that I didn’t have to pay for anything! And I have amazing friends who make me try on clothes I wouldn’t think about that actually ended up looking good on me (and who will also tell me if I’m crazy and need to take something off immediately). If your closet needs to be cleaned out (odds are, it does), gather up a group of friends and try this one out for yourself! Just trust me.

-Girl in Los Angeles 🙂

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