Little Izaka-ya

Those who know me well (or maybe not even THAT well) know how much I love sushi. It is delicious and wonderful and all things good in this world. So when my friend Melissa suggested a fancy dinner for no reason except to celebrate ourselves, just guess what we picked.

Monday, 9/21/2015

After a really fun weekend filled with friends, family, and drunken potluck brunch, I was not really looking forward to Monday. Halfway through my workday, however, I got a text from Melissa asking me if I was free for dinner. While I had just planned on relaxing (I would have worked out by my arms were completely dead from my tricep-intense workout the day before), I figured this was a better plan. After going back and forth about where we wanted to eat, we decided to treat ourselves to my favorite sushi restaurant: “The Little Izaka-ya, by Katsu-ya.”

Those in L.A. know how delicious and high quality the food at Katsu-ya is, and Little Izaka-ya is just as good… and a little less expensive! I ate here for both my last dinner in Los Angeles before leaving for Israel AND as my first dinner once I returned 6 months later. I made sure to make a reservation, because even on a random Monday night, this place was totally packed! Obviously, they’re doing something right.

We sat down and Melissa entrusted the ordering to me, as I know what’s good. On the menu for the evening? (And what you should definitely be ordering when you go).

  • Sauteed green beans (to show mom that I eat my vegetables)
  • Crispy rice with spicy tuna (Melissa and I are twins in that we both removed the jalapeno slices from our pieces)
  • Albacore with crispy onions (make sure to eat all the onions before they take the plate away)
  • One of the signature rolls (we got the Robert Roll, but the Little Izaka-ya Roll is also really great)
  • Two of their famous baked crab hand rolls (I’m telling you, I dream about how good these are)

Melissa was completely satisfied with what I ordered, and we sat for about 2 hours just catching up and talking about randomness, as besties do. At one point, the waitress approached us and apologized for the kitchen taking so long. I responded with, “It’s okay, I hadn’t even noticed!” She replied, “Oh, great! Love that you two are having a girls night!” I did too.

As our dinner came to a close, we contemplated ordering another round of baked crab hand rolls, but ultimately decided against it (not because it wasn’t delicious–it is the most delicious thing on the menu by far–but because we were way too full). We said our goodbyes and headed home.

Yet another short post, but I’m trying to highlight my favorite L.A. spots, so I hope you don’t mind too much! Let me know if there are some good restaurants/bars that you think I should try!

-Girl in Los Angeles 🙂

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